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November Visitor

October 31, 2014

visitor Click here to read the November edition of the Emmaus Visitor. In this month’s issue: Ω All Saints’ Day Worship Ω Where to Find Thanksgiving Services Ω Listening Corner Revisited Ω Council Updating Constitution Ω Consecration Sunday Ω ‘Cowspiracy’ Film Ω God Time Begins Ω ‘Angel Alert’ Issued Ω Lincoln Lutheran Auxiliary News Ω FaithWorks Bible Study Ω Bishop’s Reflections on Reformation Sunday Ω Environmental Stewardship Ω Poinsettia Order Form Ω Reform with a Little ‘r’ Ω

Department of Corrections: Pastor Steve will preach November 16, not November 9 as stated on page 5.

‘God Time’ Begins Sunday

October 30, 2014

Icon3Childr04Sunday God Time for Kids is this Sunday, November 2. Erica Huarota and Nancy Smith have begun plans, and staff and volunteers will be added to the ranks.

The November 2 time will be used for registration and group activities centered around the Mexican celebration of Day of the Dead. The first session each Sunday will be from 10:15 to 11:00 in Fellowship Hall, and the second session (a continuation of what is begun at 10:15) begins at 11:00 and goes to shortly after noon.  Click here for registration form in English. Clic aquí para la forma de registración en español.

Are you interested in working with one of the age groups (4-year-olds through fifth grade), volunteering to help with crafts, activities or snacks?

Información Útil para la Elección de Otoño, 2014

October 29, 2014

Nuestra fe cristiana nos obliga a ver el mundo a través del lente de nuestra relación con Dios y entre sí. Como ciudadanos y residentes de Wisconsin americanos somos capaces de participar en las elecciones abiertas y justas donde nuestro voto individual contará. Por tanto, deberíamos estar preocupados con los asuntos del gobierno y familiarizarnos con los temas políticos, a fin de que nuestro testimonio cristiano pueda influir en las políticas públicas – locales, estatales o nacionales – y ejercer nuestro derecho al voto.

  • Ir al sitio de Wisconsin información para el votante en, seleccione su “Voter Category” e introduzca su nombre (en “Voter Search”) o la dirección (en “Address Search”) para encontrar su lugar de votación y ver una boleta de muestra.
  • El Tribunal Supremo ha puesto los requisitos de identificación de votantes de Wisconsin en espera para las elecciones de este noviembre.
  • La votación en ausencia – ir a la ausencia de plazos y otros datos necesarios si tiene que votar en ausencia.
  • La fecha para ir a las urnas es el martes, 4 de noviembre. También podra registrarse para votar (o volver a registrarse si ha cambiado su nombre o dirección) a

Para más información, consulte “Recursos de votantes” en la ventana “Resources” en el Consejo de Iglesias de Wisconsin sitio web, resources/voter-resource

“Bring and Share” on Reformation Sunday

October 20, 2014

foodmiscGreater Milwaukee Synod Bishop Jeff Barrow will be our guest after the 10:00 a.m. worship service this Sunday, October 26 for a “Bring and Share” fellowship time after the service. Folks are invited to bring something for the Fellowship Feast. Food items should be left in basement kitchen; the Fellowship Feast will take place in Fellowship Hall.

Musicians Wanted

October 14, 2014

insts100Singers and instrumentalists! Please see Brenda Trumbauer or Ilse Merlin-Tiburcio to contribute to our special Reformation Sunday worship service on October 26. We will meet for rehearsal at 6:00 p.m., this Friday, October 17. Read more…

Fall Clean-up

October 13, 2014

FallO03We hope to do our fall cleanup of the flower areas at Emmaus on Saturday, October 18 starting around 9:00 a.m. We can put all dead flowers, weeds, leaves, branches, etc. on the curb because Racine has scheduled yard debris sweeps at this time of the year. Keep your fingers crossed that the weather will cooperate! –Sandy Strini

Helpful Information for the 2014 Fall Election

October 10, 2014


from Wisconsin Council of Churches

Our Christian faith compels us to address the world through the lens of our relationship to God and one another. As American citizens and residents of Wisconsin we are able to participate in open and fair elections that ensure our individual vote will count. We should therefore be concerned with the affairs of government and become acquainted with political issues, in order to bring our Christian witness to bear on public policies – local, state, or national – and exercise our right to vote.

  • Go to the Wisconsin Voter Information site at, select your “Voter Category” and enter your name (under “Voter Search”) or address (under “Address Search”) to find your polling place and see a sample ballot.
  • Last night, the Supreme Court put Wisconsin voter ID requirements on hold for this November’s election. The Republicans’ Photo ID law is likely to be in effect during future state and federal elections, however.
  • Absentee voting – go to for deadlines and other information needed if you need to vote absentee.
  • The date to go to the polls is Tuesday, November 4. You can also register to vote (or re-register if you have changed your name or address) at

For further information, see “Voter Resources” under the “Resources” tab on the Wisconsin Council of Churches website,


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